About us


In 2008, Stanislav Nazarej established ALMARK construction company with the goal to fundamentally change the thinking of people in the construction industry in respect of improved approach and work quality offered to clients.

In 2013, the scope of business was broadened to include a welding and locksmith division. In the same year, the new partner, Dušan Richvalský, entered the company with the goal to improve human resources and education.

An expansion to foreign countries followed (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). We have implemented projects amounting to more then 10 million Euros and satisfied the needs of more than 150 clients in 9 years.


We have implemented

We have <strong>implemented</strong>
  • transparent and measurable client relationships,
  • continuous education of our employees in construction and engineering fields in foreign languages,
  • the principles of Total Quality Management in our company.

We keep working on

We keep <strong>working on</strong>
  • our employees’ expertise increase,
  • the automation of processes that increase the work efficiency,
  • the assistance provided to vocational school leavers in finding employment.

We make the world better, starting with ourselves.

Public promise

We do and are going to do everything to satisfy your requirements and not to betray your trust shown to us.


As your trust and satisfaction are our goal, we keep improving for you so that you get the best from us.


We are helping companies successfully complete their projects, saving them time and restore the joy of work


We are a stabile and sought-after employer for reliable and motivated experts. We cooperate only with customers who expect more than just quality!

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