New building of a family house with more housing units, Lorenz Linseis Straße 2, DE - 83093 Bad Endorf
New family house with multi-housing units, Seebadstr. 44, DE-15746 Groß Köris
Reconstruction of protected residential and commercial house, Johannisgasse 7,9,17, DE - 09456 Annaberg-Buchholz
Reconstruction and construction of Brandenburg Police Headquarters building, Magdeburger Str. 52, DE - 14770 Brandenburg
New building of agricultural hall for cattle breeding, Heuhofstraße Nr. 20, DE - 89567 Sontheim
New building of the Rostock health center, Erich Schlesinger Straße 28/ Südring, DE - 18059 Rostock
New building of town houses Uferpark , Templiner Straße 19, DE - 14473 Potsdam
Reconstruction of Hotel Hieux Köln, Perlengraben, DE - 50676 Köln
Insulation in Kühlungsborn, Zur Steinbeck 50-47 a 46-43, DE - 18225 Kühlungsborn
Insulation of new residential house Schwerin, Neubrandenburger Str. 17, DE - 19061 Schwerin
Insulation of new residential house Schwerin
Insulation of new residential houses Stralsund, Majakowskist. 10 -16, DE - 18435 Stralsund
Plaster and painting work in Neubrandenburg, DRK Kinderhaus, Wolfswinkelstraße, DE - 17034 Neubrandenburg
Insulation in Straßburg, Pfarrstraße 58, DE - 17335 Straßburg
Insulation in Schwerin, Neumühler Höhe, Neumühler Str. 12, DE - 19057 Schwerin
Insulation in Tessin, Sankt JürgenStr. 61, DE - 18195 Tessin
Insulation of new residential house Glinde, An der alten Wache 22, DE - 21509 Glinde
Insulation of the new residential house Hamburg, Torfstecherweg 820, DE - 21147 Hamburg
Insulation of the new residential house Teltow, Block 4, Ruhlsdorfer Straße 97, DE - 14513 Teltow
Insulation of a new office building in the center of Berlin, Bertha-Benz Str., DE - 10557 Berlin - Mitte/Moabit
Insulation in Tornesch, Am See II, Elfenstieg, DE - 25346 Tornesch

ALMARK has been rendering construction works to us for several years. The services of this company are always at a high level, delivered correctly and timely. We intend to keep and extend this cooperation.

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