Welding works

Welding works, craft has not died out yet

No home is cosy unless it has been well worked-out inside and outside. A metal fence and railing are the first things to be noticed by passers-by. However, some things remain hidden from prying eyes. We never think of what piping there is in our building. However, it will show its power when different damages occur. Be particular about the quality of your home and entrust yourself to the hands of professionals.

We have several years’ experience in welding and locksmith works. We keep on monitoring trends, our employees attend various trainings and courses so that the quality of our services provided to you would be even higher.

We provide all services related to welding, piping, and locksmith works:

  • installation and welding of pipe systems
  • fabrication of weldments, also finished
  • welding and installation of steel structures and production lines
  • stainless steel welding
  • locksmith works
  • grinding works

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Welding methods

Every material has different properties and requires different care. We make use of different welding methods to achieve a perfect result:
method 111 - manual metal arc welding
method 131 - metal-arc inert gas welding
method 135 - metal-active gas welding
method 136 - tubular-cored metal-arc welding with active gas shield
method 137 - tubular-cored metal-arc welding with inert gas shield
method 141 - tungsten inert gas arc welding of non-/low-alloy steel
method 311 - oxy-acetylene welding