Construction works

Turn-key completed and bare brickwork buildings

Home is the place where we raise our children, spend the most of our time, and meet our friends. Building a house, we have to think not just of the material quality but also of the resulting effect – a comfortable housing for the entire family.

We specialize in these main construction areas:
  • Complete turn-key execution of one-family houses
  • Building shell erection
  • Renovation
  • Earth and excavation works
  • Other building alterations

Final quality of a building depends on the materials used. We work with Porotherm, Heluz, but also Ytong systems. We use state-of-the-art technologies to obtain the highest quality and to erect an energy efficient building. We continuously monitor construction trends and test new work procedures and materials.

It is not easy to build a new house. We would like to simplify the whole procedure for you, therefore you can also find turn-key projects in our offer. We will develop the project completely, from the project documentation, through building permit and erection of the building to the final approval. The whole process takes place in cooperation with you; we will be glad to make amendments according to your wishes.

Bare brickwork building

<strong>Bare brickwork </strong>building
It includes all earth works and erection of the entire structure. The house is prepared completely, from the foundation plate up to the roofing, and it is only waiting for a cosy furnishing. The price also includes the entrance door and plastic windows.

Turn-key building

<strong>Turn-key </strong>building
As compared to the bare brickwork building, it also includes water distribution facilities, electrical installation, heating, interior doors, flooring, internal and external plasters. Find out what is included in a turn-key building
We will be glad to prepare a non-binding price quotation for a turn-key or a bare brickwork building.

Repairs and restorations

We will not only build your house, we will also take care of it, restore what is imperfect and renovate old buildings. We will repair whole buildings as well as individual structures. We are experienced in additional insulation against soil moisture and water, replacements of windows, roof frames, and roofs but also in the change of layout and addition of further building structures. Apart from house renovations, we also specialize in makeovers of flats, sanitary units, offices, and other objects.

Industrial buildings

During the years spent in the building industry we have also gained experience with erection of buildings intended for production and services. We have been cooperating with various companies on a long-term basis, we carry out facility and production building alterations. Carpentry and locksmithery are also made use of.

We will be glad to prepare a non-binding price quotation for a house renovation or repair.

Change the standard of your living

If you wish to change your living standard, think about contact thermal insulation systems. Ordinary people associate thermal insulation with the renovation of old buildings in order to improve their thermal protection. You would wonder how many new modern buildings are designed and built with thermally insulated sandwich peripheral walls nowadays.

A proper execution of the insulation depends on quality work and adherence to technological procedures. Economizing on materials doesn’t pay in this case. Additional thermal insulation is a perfect solution for protection of peripheral walls. In this way you will save money for heating.

Economic benefits of thermal insulation

  • heating costs reduced by as much as 60%
  • a lower-power heating unit can be installed
  • extended life-times of the heating system and renovated facade
  • reduced thickness of the vertical structure for new buildings

Technical advantages of thermal insulation

  • elimination of negative effects of thermal changes in the structure
  • higher thermal accumulation in the peripheral structure
  • increased surface temperature in the inner wall
  • reduced risk of condensation
  • reduced formation of moulds
  • elimination of heat bridges
  • a generally better resistance to climate changes
  • noise protection
  • new impressive look of the facade

What shall a correct insulation look like

  1. bonding cement
  2. thermal insulator
  3. glass fibre grid
  4. putty
  5. plaster or facing tapes
We will be glad to prepare a non-binding price quotation for a thermal insulation of your house.

Do you like being warm?

If so, certainly invest into a passive house. It provides thermal comfort all year round, without the use of a heating system. The passive house is based on the basic principle – on the use of existing passive thermal gains which are sources of heat for the greater part of the year.

Heat is gained from the following sources:
  • external ones (solar radiation passing through the windows)
  • internal ones (heat radiated by people and appliances)

These gains provide for a pleasant internal temperature thanks to a quality insulation and air-tightness of the building shell. A passive house consumes less than 15 kWh/sqm per year for heating. What is important for a passive house is a thoughtful design and architectural solution and also, during the execution, the use of quality materials, massive insulation in the wall and roof structures, quality fillings of construction holes, air-tightness of the building, and resolved ventilation with recuperation of the heat from the discharged air.

Passive house has its advantages

  • a higher living comfort
  • extremely low heating costs
  • constant supply of fresh air
  • no draught
  • high thermal comfort in the room
  • pleasant temperatures in winter and summer

In view of the investment costs increased by 10-15% and the total energy consumption, the passive house is the most reliable investment in the future; the payback period becomes shorter continuously with rising energy prices.

Important parameters of passive houses

House category Need of heating energy (kWh / m2a)
An older house 200 and more
Current new building (according to construction regulations) 80 - 120
Low-energy house 15 - 50
Passive house 5 - 15
zeroHouse 0 - 5
Quantity Value Unit
Specific heat consumption for heating per year ≤ 15 kWh/ma
Total consumption of primary energy per year ≤ 120 kWh/m2a
Total air-tightness of the house n50 ≤ 0,6 h-1
Are you interested in having a passive house erected by us or would you like to find out more?

Plasterboard structure

Up to 70% of building technologies for erection and renovation of premises are made of plasterboard structures. Plasterboard represents a significant proportion of family housing – the reason for this are many benefits offered by plasterboards in comparison with traditional way of interior building works.

What are the advantages of plasterboard structures?

Modern construction material

Dry assemblies of interior objects are a modern construction method. Plasterboard must not be considered as a cheap replacement of traditional masonry or concrete. Plasterboard partition walls or other plasterboard structures find application wherever the function of the masonry does not consist in bearing of other floors or of a heavy equipment embedded in the masonry.

Architectural and plasterboard interior elements

Plasterboard doesn’t include just partition walls, suspended ceilings, and walls. We can use it to conjure up many interesting interior elements and accessories to create a unique atmosphere. Such elements include niches, shelves, embedded lights and spot lights, plasterboard furniture, embedded kitchen unit or an inventively spaced out children’s room.


Plasterboards needn’t be only white – don’t be afraid of colours!

Suitably selected colours are an integral part of plasterboard interior premises. Colours look particularly good on walls and ceilings, especially owing to perfectly smooth surfaces which can hardly be obtained with traditional wet technology. Our painters will help you not only to design colour surfaces, they also offer full painting services for flats and commercial or public premises.

Are you interested in the installation of plasterboard structures?